A Little Update

Well, it’s been quite a while. As always, there’s a lot I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t, sometimes due to procrastination, other times actually being busy, and more than occasionally a cocktail of both. I’ve planned to do a comprehensive tutorial series on LÖVE itself for ages and I’d written the first one or two parts for it, but now I’ve just found out that 0.9.0’s been released, so that sets it back even further.

Surprisingly enough I haven’t been solely twiddling my thumbs in the intervening time. I’ve spent far too much time playing a game entitled PlanetSide 2, partially due to the responsibilities of leading an outfit (or, group) in it. Due to that I embarked on probably my biggest web development project yet, a website for my outfit. It’s a custom system built on CodeIgniter which hooks into PlanetSide 2’s API; pretty cool stuff, and an awesome learning experience.

I’ve also been doing a little video editing (the outfit’s trailer probably being my best work), experimenting in photography, and composing music.

However, this year everything will be slowed down considerably, as I’ve switched from homeschooling to a proper school to finish my senior years. Thus a lot more time will be chewed up, especially once HSC kicks in.

Anyway, that’s all for now… just an update. I hope to write a bit more here in the future, but I’ve probably said that in the past, so no promises.

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