Changing Filename Case in Git

UPDATE: A much easier way is to use git mv -f readme.txt README.txt. Thanks to “Gurpartap Singh” for pointing that out in the comments section.

I thought I’d share a quick little trick I’ve learned for changing the case of a filename in Git. Git is (unfortunately) case-insensitive with filenames. Therefore, if you make a change to a filename’s case without using git mv, it won’t be picked up. If you do try to use git mv (for example, git mv file File), Git won’t accept it, as it doesn’t detect any change.

Say we have a file named readme.txt, and we want to rename it to README.txt. The first step is to rename it to something else; I usually just add a dash to the name, so I’d execute git mv readme.txt readme.txt-. Then rename it to what you originally wanted: git mv readme.txt- README.txt. Git will have now picked up the change, and it will be present in the next commit. That’s there is to it.

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