Grace is No Longer in Development

Posted on April 08, 2011 in Projects

My big project called Grace is no longer under development. The reason I started this project, is because I wanted organisation to back me, before I started making a game. That wish is totally valid, but I went too far. Instead of sticking with some simple organisation, and only implementing what I actually needed, I made this monolithic framework that eventually became a little hard for even me to comprehend.

After some examination, I found I had fallen for the trap of "making engines, not games". So, I've decided to scrap Grace, and start over again, implementing the simple organisational elements I need (like entities and worlds), and most importantly only implementing what I need.

My advice to anyone getting started making games, is to either use a pre-made engine/framework, or just not use at all. You'll save a boat load of time, and actually get somewhere.

As for Grace, it'll most likely return. But I'll scrap everything that's currently here, and re-factor the core code I'm currently working with to make the new Grace. This way it'll be tested, and a lot more simple and usable.

So there you have it!

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