Sometimes WebKit Makes a Big Difference

Due to all the awesome features that WebKit has to offer, if you’re not using a WebKit browser, some pages can look very different and you don’t even know. Take a look at the awesomely constructed under construction (I know, that sounds weird) page at If you view it in a WebKit based browser (Chrome and Safari are the major ones) you’ll see some nice looking text (using text shadows), a background gradient, and a flickering light effect which (believe it or not) was made with CSS. Now, most of the cool CSS here uses WebKit specific stuff, and all of the things I just mentioned don’t work in FireFox. Let’s have a look at a comparison:

Chrome's and Firefox's renderings side-by-side

Pretty big difference there. And let’s not even talk about Internet Explorer, it doesn’t have support for so many awesome features in CSS 3 and HTML 5.

In short, I recommend using a WebKit based browser, the ones I know of are Google Chrome (my favorite) and Safari. Thanks for reading!

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