First Days With the Mac Pro Part 2

Posted on August 23, 2010 in General

Well I thought I'd write another entry on how my experience with the Mac Pro is going. The machine hasn't crashed in a couple weeks (as far as I recall), and is running smoothly.

What do I think about Macs now? They're brilliant! My Mac Pro runs smooth as ever, is very fast (unlike my sluggish PC) and I don't have to shut it down every few days (I usually shut down my PC everyday) to reduce slowness.

OS X is the best operating system I've used. It fast, responsive, intuitive (in most areas) and looks great. It doesn't lock up like I've had Windows do a lot (admittedly this Mac Pro is a lot faster than any PC I've had, however), and surprisingly doesn't seem to pay a price for all those slick animations.

One thing I really like, as a developer, is OS X is based on Unix. Unix is a great OS, which is strong, reliable and secure (it was built to run super computers as I understand). Unix based systems are used by a lot of developers, therefore there is more instructions for Unix in tutorials and books when it comes to using a Terminal/Console. (Not to mention the Terminal application is a cool console!)

As I've been coming into Macland, I've noticed that there are some awesome applications out there for Mac. There are a lot of third party developers for Mac who really have some creative genius. There's a whole range or awesome apps out there, and when I can afford it I certainly plan to do some shopping :D.

Anyway, that's about all for now...

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